Indie Grits Festival 2020
Date: November 2019 - April 2020

Role: Festival Brand Designer
Client: Former Indie Grits Organization/ the Nickelodeon Theatre  

Info: I was the festival designer for Indie Grits Festival 2020, named one of the “coolest film festivals” by Moviemaker Magazine.

Before I got the role as Festival Designer for what would have Indie Grits Film Festival 2020. I was asked to submit a poster design to showcase how I would interpret Indie Grits 2020 which was Real Fiction. 

This poster design is the result that jettisoned the entire brand design

Brainstorming Ideas & Sketching

The Process: first draft 
The Process: second draft

The Process: third draft

The Process: final draft, the tessellate Indie Grit (ig) flow pattern. 

The Final Product: Posters, t-shirts, banner designs and more